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Best plastic pallets 2020

If you are in need of buying plastic pallets this year, we have got you covered with this blog about the best plastic pallets 2020.

Plastic Pallets are replacing the traditional wood pallets for a long time now. Loved by many manufacturers, warehouses, and companies; plastic pallets are mainly used to store or transport items over a long distance.

It is also the most hygienic way to store or transfer goods from one location to another, with its price not very costly considering the longevity it provides. However, if you are in need of buying some plastic pallets, we have got the list of the best plastic pallets 2020 categorized according to their purposes.


Best plastic pallets to Buy

Due to their growing popularity, plastic pallets are being manufactured by a great number of manufacturers around the world. With so many options to choose from, it can be a very daunting task to find the best plastic pallets suitable for your purpose. Therefore, we had done our research and listed down the results below:

Vipall : La palette en plastique durable et polyvalente

Plastic pallet advantages:


  • Light
  • Flush and stackable
  • Manageable
  • Weatherproof
  • Perfect for export
  • Recyclable 80%
pallet da esportazione

Plastic Pallets Boxes

When it comes to plastic pallet boxes for warehouses, the storing and handling facilities are of major importance. It also needs to come with enough safety features, so as to protect the items stored in the boxes.
If you are in need of boxes with a strong lid, the TP Box is the perfect option for its ease of handling and transportation. A variety of sizes are available, with the smallest being 1200×800 mm. The collars of the plastic pallets are intelligently attached to the lid to ensure the maximum safety while stacked over one another.
For transportations, the boxes need to weigh as little as possible to keep the freight costs at the minimum. Considering these requirements, we recommend to opt for the Combo Bag in Foldable container made by the same manufacturer – CMP Plast. The hygienic, eco-friendly box can dramatically reduce your packaging materials and save freight costs in the process.

Plastic Pallets Bins

If you are looking for bins to store bulk products or food items, the rigid CP Box container can be a perfect option with its shock and UV-resistant, HDPE materials. They are also very thin, and comes featuring easy-to-sterilize inner panels. It is the most used industrial-grade box, thanks to its strong resistance to thermal shocks. There are quite a few sizes available, with the smallest measuring at 1200×800 mm.

The Vinbox, manufactured by CMP is perfect in that regard. A folding rack and wine crate in one, the box offers excellent handling features, with intelligent stacking techniques to facilitate easy wine storage. To help you with the environmental regulations, the boxes is also made with 100% recyclable plastics.

Used Plastic Pallets

As plastics cannot be easily destroyed, or digested by nature; the best way to minimize its environmental effect is to regenerate them and re-use them. However, they still need to be in perfect shape to be useful, and should offer a close longevity period like the new ones.
With this spirit in mind, CMP Plast – the great Italian plastic pallets and bins manufacturer offer to sell some of the used plastic pallets. Among the pallets currently available, we certainly liked the black 1100×1100 pallets with 6 strips. Along with the grid tops in perfect conditions, some of these pallets still have the non-slip rubbers useful for maximum safety.


Recycled Plastic Pallets (80%)

In addition to producing high-quality, durable plastic pallets, CMP Plast also invest in finding and using innovative ways to recycle them. A massive step towards reducing the carbon footprint, you can take advantage of the strong and versatile hollow profiles and sheets made using recycled plastic pallets.
These long-lasting profiles and sheets are made using weather-resistant materials, making them useful in both indoors and outdoors. Due to the recycled materials, their profiles are also relatively cheaper.

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