Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets offer a reliable alternative to traditional pallets as they adapt to multiple uses: logistics and shipping, automatic warehouses, food or pharmaceutical storage, transport of boxes.

The firm belief that the right packaging simplifies the job and saves money is the reason which drives CMP to invest and believe in the future.

The function of plastic pallet is not just handling, but the protection of products and the exploitation with the logistic chains of the company also. Choosing the correct pallet allows to save money, to avoid plants stopping, to minimize breakages, to reduce logistic problems.

The function of the plastic pallet is not only the handling, but also the protection of the products and the use on the logistic chains of the company. Choosing the right pallet saves money, avoids downtime, minimizes breakage and reduces logistical problems.

CMP pallets are tested at the end of production according to ISO EN 8611.

Vipall : La palette en plastique durable et polyvalente

Plastic pallet advantages:


  • Light
  • Flush and stackable
  • Manageable
  • Weatherproof
  • Perfect for export
  • Recyclable 80%
pallet da esportazione

CMP plastic pallets are the ideal tools for handling, transport and shipment of goods. Made of 80% recyclable material and resistant to fire, they are widely used in all industrial and commercial sectors.

Plastic pallets for food use, from special pallets to the wide range of accessories, each product in the catalog, grouped in specific sections, will satisfy the most diverse needs.

Thanks to the material used for their manufacture, the pallets, and plastic pallets can be reused continuously over time.


  • lighter than the alternative in pressed recycled wood, saving on transport costs
  • very resistant
  • easy to clean, do not fear the weather
  • stackable
  • ecological, as they are made of recycled plastic
  • perfect for shipments abroad
  • forked on 4 sides
  • extreme sturdiness, solidity and long life
  • tailored
  • Toilet


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