Anti slip sheets

  • Antislip paper interlayer for palletizing
  • Increase safety during handling
  • Faster internal transport
  • Safer transport with zero falling risk
  • Reduction of hidden costs (packaging, re-set up of the pallet, workers damages…)
  • Stabilize palettised loads up to 45° of inclination

Both manual and automated set up available.
Water-resistant version is available: ideal for damp places or liquids handling.
Available also in the cheap and efficient light version, with 95g/mq weight and a 35° Of inclination.
Tailor-made antislip sheets are available.

It is possible to save:

  • up to 8% of packaging costs (lighter boxes);
  • up to 70% on pallet film: antislip sheets make the packaging more
  • stable, so that film is used only as protection;
  • up to 50% on work for packaging process;
  • 100% damages during transportation;
  • 80% accidents during load and unload processes, so more safety for workers.

It is possible to improve:

  • up to 30% faster internal transport (roller conveyors, chains, conveyor belts, etc.), so more productivity;
  • up to 25% packaged pallets (less film and faster packaging due to zero corner profiles);
  • up to 50% height storage.


Sheets per pallet 1200x800mm

Sheets per pallet 1200x800mm

Sizes and weight: 1140x740mm: 65 g/mq (5000 sheets/pallet) 1140x740mm LIGHT: 95 g/mq (5000 sheets/pallet) 1140x740mm: 110 g/mq (5000 sheets/pallet) 1140x740mm: 150 g/mq (5000 sheets/pallet) 1140x740mm: 270 g/mq (3000 sheets/pallet) ...

Sheets per pallet 1200x1000mm

Sheets per pallet 1200x1000mm

Sizes and weight: 1140x940mm: 65 g/mq (5000 sheets/pallet) 1140x940mm LIGHT: 95 g/mq (5000 sheets/pallet) 1140x940mm: 110 g/mq (5000 sheets/pallet) 1140x940mm: 150 g/mq (5000 sheets/pallet) 1140x940mm: 270 g/mq (3000 sheets/pallet) ...