Tailor-made plastic pallets

Tailor-made plastic pallets


  • Plastic profiles assembled with screws or nails
  • Any sizes available
  • 2 or 4 ways
  • Closed or open top deck available
  • Ideal for export
  • Strong
  • Weather resistant
  • Tailor-made on the customer’s requirements

Restrictive export regulations and an higher attention on packaging quality oblige many companies to replace wooden pallets with plastic ones.
CMP produces tailor-made plastic pallets of all sizes, without the obligation of a mould or a minimum quantity.
The features of the pallet are chosen together with the customer.

The plastic pallets are produced through the assembly of plastic profiles with different sections. They can be even 4 meters long. The top deck is made of empty profiles.


For the base it is used 100×100 mm, 90×90 mm and 70×70 mm plastic feet nailed to 100×20 mm, 100×30 mm or 60×20 mm skids.

Profiles are made using regenerated plastics, especially grey LDPE.

Every project is designed by our technical office and it is discussed and approved together with the customer before being processed.