About us

Since our foundation in 2000 we have been growing in surface and warehouses, in team members and associates, and in projects too. The great attention to the market and the great ability to offer the right answer make us a leader in the packaging market.

Choosing the right packaging means a better producing chain and a significant saving of money. This philosophy encourages us to invest and believe in the future.


We create a new pallet for export, JPALL, which offers a new structure and a great performance


The requirements of logistics and automation encourage us to invest and improve our production and our technologies.


We create Vipall, an innovative and revolutionary plastic pallet.



We invest in services for our customers. We create a washing system for pallets and containers and our products become customizable


We respond to the requirements of our customers and we introduce a rental service of our products.


CMP starts selling abroad. We participate in exhibitions and we start building a network of foreign retailers and partners.


We create Vinplast, a patented system for wine storage.



CMP is founded and starts producing plastic pallets and packaging.