Save up to 500 € –  Black Friday


Why ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ on pallets?

Because it is a good occasion to offer a discount to our customers


What are the advantages?

You can have a discount of 500€ if you buy a full truck


What do you have to do?


You have to send an order for a full truck of our Jpall pallet 120×80 or 120×100 (even mixed) to our address:

  • In the order you have to write:  ‘BLACKFRIDAY19-CMP’.
  • The order should be received from   25/11/2019  till 29/11/2019 included
  • The order should be picked up before  20/12/19


Why is it a big opportunity?  

If you use pallets, you need them for your business. So why do you hesitate to buy them now and save money?


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