With the CMP washing system, your plastic pallets will become new.

We have an automated system with programmable and customizable wash cycles,
carried out in a specific area and by qualified operators.

Dirty pallets arrive

Pallets are checked-up

  • Dirt analysis
  • Choice of the type of washing
  • Removal of packaging residuals


  • Setting of the wash cycle
  • Choice of cleaner and rinse aid
  • Setting of the washing temperature

Drying in a dedicated room

Logistics. Pallets are packaged for delivery to the customer

Clean pallets are delivered back to the customer

Vipall is compliant with the HACCP standards, recyclable

Why choosing the washing?

  • Hygiene is guaranteed
  • Optimization of pallets use
  • No cross contamination in processing or plant swap
  • No internal washing necessary, thus zero time or resources loss

What does CMP service offer?

  • Pallet, containers and boxes washing
  • Sanitation through a certified washing system
  • Customizable wash cycles according to the degree of dirt
  • Quick service
  • Check up of breakings, flaws, non-conformity of the material
  • Box washing
  • Washing system
  • Washing control unit
  • Final result

The automated washing system of CMP allows to:

  • Set a washing temperature up to 65°C with high-pressure water jet.
  • Use detergents made with caustic alkalis, dispersing agents, scale removers,
    brighteners and chlorine cleaners, all highly decolorizing, oxidant and cleaning substances.