Vipall is the new pallet that overcomes the limits of traditional plastic pallets. It is extremely versatile and solve every needs.

Vipall is compliant with the HACCP standards, recyclable.

Vipall is producedwith selected materials. Additives for low temperatures, UV resistance, antistatic propertiescan be added. Zero surface porosity, ideal for food and pharmaceutical application. It isZero accumulation of dust, residuals or other unwanted materials, even in long terms.

Suitable for food and pharmaceutical industry.

The deck of Vipall can be open or closed. If open, water can drain out while washing process, products are well-aired and there are no locked spaces difficult to clean or sterilize. The closed deck meets hygiene standards, prevents damp coming from the floor and have a smooth surface. Moreover the skids can be totally locked and smooth to achieve the best hygiene, charge heavy loads and improve the performance on the shelves.


Vipall is a monobloc pallet and is extremely strong and resistant.


Ideal in every logistic chain with manual and automatic handling.

Warehouse management.

It can be used in any logistic chain or automated warehousethanks to its standard size, and can be forked according to the same EPAL standards.Optional antislip bottom.

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